For young children
With the promotion of quality education, society has paid more and more attention to the teaching of music and art for young children. Young children have rich emotions. Their worldview, outlook on life and values, and coordinated development of the body are in the forming stage. The music art education model has a positive and necessary profound impact on shaping and promoting their physical and mental health, excellent quality, intellectual promotion, strengthening logical thinking ability and training physical coordination ability.
Learning music (playing an instrument or singing) can bring unique, lifelong benefits. Why? Because while playing or singing, children are also influencing themselves. On the one hand, children are using multiple cognitive skills: thinking, controlling, analyzing, and reading. In musical terms, this is in several beats and rhythms, reading the pitch, controlling body coordination and fine movements. Depending on the instrument, the player may need fine finger movements or precise breathing control, or unusual level of coordination. On the other hand, children are also using more instinctual and emotional abilities in imagination, feeling, creative understanding and musical connotation.
Music creation cultivates creativity and imagination, and gives people a way to turn original ideas into reality. Young children can take advantage of these experiences and tools throughout their next life, no matter what they do. The beauty of music is that she brings unique and lifetime benefits to our children, and it is especially valuable to establish such musical and artistic connections in children and adolescents when they grow up, receive education and develop their personality. No matter where they are going in the future, these benefits will accompany him for life.
The scientific and systematic way of music and art education has a positive impact on the cultivation of personal confidence. The following courses incorporate the most authoritative and practical systems and methods today and create a colorful and lively environment, allowing students to be in a happy, a gradual and sustainable way to learn and acquire valuable related skills-not only for children's music and art studies, but also for their lifetime. As students develop their music and comprehensive skills, they are also building skills in perception, personal perception, and emotional intelligence.