Musik und Kunst Experimentalschule Wien
The meaning and necessity of the course
Suitable for the crowd
-People of all ages interested in music and sports
-All who want to be creative in their daily lives and who want to promote physical and mental health through music healing

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    For young children
     分类:The meaning and necessity of the course 

    With the promotion of quality education, society has paid more and more attention to the teaching of music and art for young children. Young children have rich emotions. Their worldview, outlook on life and values, and coordinated development of the body are in the forming stage. The music art education model has a positive and necessary profound impact on shaping and promoting their physical and mental health, excellent quality, intellectual promotion, strengthening logical thinking ability and training physical coordination ability.

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    For the elderly
     分类:The meaning and necessity of the course 

    Scientific research proves that middle-aged and elderly people who often participate in such body perception and coordination training have very significant effects in terms of action sensitivity, responsiveness, anti-aging ability, and prevention of various middle-aged and elderly diseases. Every adult as a social atom is inseparable from family, friends, external relations, including professional life,