Youtuo Classical Musica Institute
On April 15th, 2015, the Institute of Classical Studies established a study of classical music in Vienna, and conducted independent research on the core basic science of classical music. Youtuo Research Institute currently has "Vienna Music Teaching and Research Section", "Music Culture and Art Innovation Research Center", "International Music Development Strategy Research Office", and "International Education Office".
The Institute is a comprehensive academic institution that includes music research, music education and music creation.
Mission: Integrate and strengthen the music education and research in China and Austria and even in the world, promote the exchange and development of music culture, and provide more support for the construction of music theory research environment and strive for international organizations.
At the same time, Youtuo Research Institute has carried out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with well-known universities and research institutions at home and abroad in personnel training, scientific research projects, campus activities and academic exchanges.
With the support of all walks of life in the international community, the Institute has established important academic awards in various cultural and artistic circles, such as “Utopia Vienna Spring Sound New Year Concert Award”, “Mozart Prize” and “Silk Road Music Award”. The development of the cause has made outstanding contributions. The nomination awards follow the mainstream value orientation of music culture, actively engage in the practice of artistic creation, and have young artists who have solid basic skills and persistent pursuit of pure art.